Monday, 4 August 2014

SUMMER UPDATE // a year in the waiting


This holiday was last July, where has that time gone?! My laziness/ lack of dedication to blogging has meant this post has been a year in the waiting, literally. The drafted, unfinished version has sat in my pages for over a year and FINALLY I have both finished and published it, hoorah.

Most definitely a family vacation which I will cherish forever! So many great memories were made during the 17days we were in Orlando, FL and this post is soley dedicated to it. 

The photo above is from Main Street USA in Disney's Magic Kingdom. Disney was a huge part of my childhood and so this place truly did feel special to me! Experiencing the Magic and wonders of Disney World was amazing - this photo does not do the place justice. 

The whole time we were there we had absolutely beautiful weather, despite it being rainy season and having the odd thunder storm, temperatures still reached mid 30s almost every single day! Most days we headed to the numerous different theme parks which Orlando has to offer, including Disney, Universal, Sea World etc. But we did have a few other 'relaxing' days spend on a sun longer round the pool, soaking up the sun rays. 

We headed to more or less every theme park within the time we had there, but Disney I think got the most visits out of them all, of course! Here is myself on the right sporting my trusty dungarees, my brother, Zach, on the left with Kayley and the mouse behind the all of the magic, Mickey! This may be a return visit to Orlando and Disney World for us and we may have been between 17 and 20 years old at the time but we couldn't resist having photos with the characters, especially Mickey!!

Anybody who knows me, knows how much I cherish this photo and this moment spent at Discovery Cove swimming with dolphins. Since my first trip to Sea World in FL when I was around 3 years old dolphins have been and I think will be forever more my favourite animal. I even went to the lengths of having my bedroom redecorated and covered in dolphins when I was about 8, I have no shame haha. If I remember correctly this particular dolphin was named Dolly and was the sweetest thing! If you're ever in Orlando and are a bit of a water baby like myself then head over to Discovery Cove for a truly great experience!

Ride after ride after ride and we loved it! Just look at those faces!! Except my mums maybe (top left). She ensures us she enjoys going on rides, however her face always seems to suggest otherwise haha. And this is one of the better photos of her! This particular photo was shot on the Rockin' Rollocaoster, a ride based on the band Aerosmith and hence plays their songs as you zoom round at a rate of nots. Who wouldn't find that fun?!

This is just one out of the many photos I took of sunsets! It doesn't get much better than this right? Leaving via ferry boat after an amazing day spent at Disney World and having a view like this. Just beautiful, and call me cringey but being there and experiencing the atmosphere is truly magical! Disney without a doubt has a very special feeling for me.

There are hundreds more photos of this amazing holiday but this post would go on forever!! All I can really say is if you ever get a chance to go to Orlando and do the theme parks, grab it with both hands and make the most of it!