Monday, 4 August 2014

SUMMER UPDATE // a year in the waiting


This holiday was last July, where has that time gone?! My laziness/ lack of dedication to blogging has meant this post has been a year in the waiting, literally. The drafted, unfinished version has sat in my pages for over a year and FINALLY I have both finished and published it, hoorah.

Most definitely a family vacation which I will cherish forever! So many great memories were made during the 17days we were in Orlando, FL and this post is soley dedicated to it. 

The photo above is from Main Street USA in Disney's Magic Kingdom. Disney was a huge part of my childhood and so this place truly did feel special to me! Experiencing the Magic and wonders of Disney World was amazing - this photo does not do the place justice. 

The whole time we were there we had absolutely beautiful weather, despite it being rainy season and having the odd thunder storm, temperatures still reached mid 30s almost every single day! Most days we headed to the numerous different theme parks which Orlando has to offer, including Disney, Universal, Sea World etc. But we did have a few other 'relaxing' days spend on a sun longer round the pool, soaking up the sun rays. 

We headed to more or less every theme park within the time we had there, but Disney I think got the most visits out of them all, of course! Here is myself on the right sporting my trusty dungarees, my brother, Zach, on the left with Kayley and the mouse behind the all of the magic, Mickey! This may be a return visit to Orlando and Disney World for us and we may have been between 17 and 20 years old at the time but we couldn't resist having photos with the characters, especially Mickey!!

Anybody who knows me, knows how much I cherish this photo and this moment spent at Discovery Cove swimming with dolphins. Since my first trip to Sea World in FL when I was around 3 years old dolphins have been and I think will be forever more my favourite animal. I even went to the lengths of having my bedroom redecorated and covered in dolphins when I was about 8, I have no shame haha. If I remember correctly this particular dolphin was named Dolly and was the sweetest thing! If you're ever in Orlando and are a bit of a water baby like myself then head over to Discovery Cove for a truly great experience!

Ride after ride after ride and we loved it! Just look at those faces!! Except my mums maybe (top left). She ensures us she enjoys going on rides, however her face always seems to suggest otherwise haha. And this is one of the better photos of her! This particular photo was shot on the Rockin' Rollocaoster, a ride based on the band Aerosmith and hence plays their songs as you zoom round at a rate of nots. Who wouldn't find that fun?!

This is just one out of the many photos I took of sunsets! It doesn't get much better than this right? Leaving via ferry boat after an amazing day spent at Disney World and having a view like this. Just beautiful, and call me cringey but being there and experiencing the atmosphere is truly magical! Disney without a doubt has a very special feeling for me.

There are hundreds more photos of this amazing holiday but this post would go on forever!! All I can really say is if you ever get a chance to go to Orlando and do the theme parks, grab it with both hands and make the most of it!

Playing catch-up

I know what you're thinking, a 2014 related post? It's been 2014 for 8 months already, this post is only a tad behind. But I know, I know and I'm ashamed of how much I have slacked on the blogging side of things but honest to God the past year has absolutely flown by and quite frankly been one of my most important years so far. By important I don't mean fun, I mean stressful, busy, A Level revision filled and I am beyond thankful that that stage in my is now complete and, fingers crossed, I will be able to move onto the chapter -- UNIVERSITY. Crazy to think that in just over a months times I could have moved out of home and be living in halls with thousands of other uni students. Exciting and petrifying all at the same time!! It's more anticipation out of everything, uni will be so new and so different and frankly I'm not sure what to expect. Any handy tips throw them my way please!

So a quick run down of main events since last july when I last blogged;
- Florida
- V Festival
- Austria, Skiing
- Turned 18
- completed A levels
- Zante, twice!!
- Prom
- Kent
- currently awaiting A level results...

So, for the remaining few weeks of summer my spare time will be spent blogging!!

Friday, 19 July 2013


Evening guys and gals, this is simply a Summer appreciation Blog post (!) since today was officially my first day of my 6 week summer break. 6 weeks does't sound anywhere near as long as it used to when I was younger!! It's going to absolutely fly by and before I know it I'll be back at Sixth form for my final year (Arghh!). So I've decided and agreed (with myself) that I'm going to make the most out of this Summer! I won't let a day go past without doing something productive, even if that means hitting the gym or (cry) doing homework.

Today was such a nice start to my Summer! Me and my gallies headed down to our local park for a cute picnic/ sunbathe. We ended up spending about 6 hours in the same spot enjoying soaking up the sun and chatting about everything! Despite me putting sun cream on though I still managed to burn my poor back, oopsie.

And now I'm none stop for the next four days before we go on our family holiday to Orlando, Florida - cannot wait for that!! Don't worry, I'm gonna be a full on tourist taking snaps and I'll do PLENTY of posts. So just a quick run down of my busy schedule, not to bore you;
Saturday - Thorpe Park then a party
Sunday - Shopping with my brother Zach, then a BBQ
Monday - Shopping with friend Molly, driving lesson and take out night with friends
Tuesday - Gym then PACKING
Wednesday - HOLIDAY!

So I hope you've got plenty of good plans for the summer too

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Alton Alton Towers Baby

If you hadn't guessed from the title, Yep! Yesterday I went to Alton Towers Resort AND had a bloody amazing time!
Just arrived and raring to go! (I'm 5th in from the right btw)
For our Year 12 end of year rewards trip, we all voted to be at school for 5am and do a four hour coach trip to get to Alton Towers. Call us crazy! It was an absolutely axhausting day but despite the VERY early wake up call and the long journey, it most definitely was worth it. Being not officially the school summer holiday period yet meant it wasn't overwhelmingly busy so we managed to get on so many of the crazy rides and really get to enjoy the day.

You know what they say, 'Suns out, Guns out' and we all definitely made the most of the weather. It felt so hot yesterday, almost as if we were in a foreign country! But we certainly weren't complaining - the sun only added to our already fab day out! And with our legs out walking around in the sunshine for hours we all managed to catch a bit of a tan too! Hoorah!
We are all hanging up there somewhere!
We headed straight to AIR as soon as we got there and had no queue at all - such a great way to start. I've always loved air, the unique rollercoaster is such a thrill, you feel like you're flying (well I do anyway). We then made our way round the park, doing all the big rollercaoster and also some of the smaller - but not any less scary - rides too! My favourite of the day is Alton Towers new ride for 2013; The Smiler. We queued for about an hour so were all hoping it would be worth it. And Yes it was! The Smiler is the longest ride in the park, almost 3 minutes long. It has soo many loops and you spend the majority of the ride upside down or VERY high up from the ground!

After consuming my own body weight in junk food and allowing the blood to rush to my head many times throughout the day, it was 6pm and time to all head back to the bus! Just enough time for one last photo!
Tanned but shattered after a long day out!
If you haven't been to Alton Towers before then start saving and definitely put it on your bucket list, such a good theme park with so much to do, even if you're not a huge fun of giant rollercoasters!
Four more days of school and then my summer can really start! This was another great pre-summer outing though! And definitely a good one to give me a flavour of what Disney World will be like in a few weeks time! Ahhh!

Have you been to Alton Towers or Disney World? What did you think?

Monday, 1 July 2013

It's a blacked-out blur!

I'm back guys! Hope you haven't felt too deprived from my blog posts!

I've been crazy busy recently and just had THE best weekend in such a long time!
Friday started off fabulously with an extra long lay in bed as 4/5 of my lessons had been cancelled, meaning I didn't have to be in school until about half 1. Then friday night! My best friend Tori had a hot tub gathering with around 20 people. Drinks were flowing rather quickly and lets just say the rest of the night is my inspiration for today blog title...
Here's a dodgy selfie of what I wore.
Bikini - New Look
Jumper - Joe Browns(old)
Denim shorts - MOTO Topshop
What I do remember was hilarious and such good fun! Good job I had no plans for Saturday though. I spent the majority of the day recovering on the sofa watching a marathon of Keeping up with the Kardashians! Sadly there aren't any photos from Friday night though :( well, none appropriate for my blog anyway!

Then Saturday evening was time for round 2 as I had another party to attend. My good old pal Taylor had a little celebration for Summer - what a great excuse for a party! The weather had warmed up so out came the summer clothes too. Although a little drama, overall another very good night (considerably more sober too).
Em, Amelia, Tay and Me!
*What I'm wearing*
Crop top - Boohoo
Skirt - Topshop
Belt - New Look
Necklace - New Look(old)
Then to top of this weekend, Sunday's weather was b-e-a-utiful! 26 degrees and sunny in fact. I headed up to a local boutique called Lauren Cole. My friend Amelia (photoed above) works in there and she was holding a summer/blog party with 10% all stock. She asked people to model the stores clothes for her blog, here's what she put me in.
What do you think?
So not too bad for your average weekend. I just cannot wait for summer even more now! 14 more days of school left, and counting...

Friday, 21 June 2013

What I'd wear to a FESTIVAL 

So festival season is finally upon us, is anyone else as excited as I am?!
Well to let out some of my excitement, bearing in mind I still have 57 days until I pack my tent and head to my local V festival, I've decided to start outfit planning. Maybe a little early? But I'd rather be an eager beaver than running round the day before trying to find my festival outfit (that's what happened last year!). 

So in August I will be heading to Chelmsford's V Festival for a weekend packed of camping (Red camp of course!), drinking, partying and music! This four day party will need some clothes to go with it so below are some outfits I have put together which I love and would feel comfortable wearing to a festival.

Outfit 1. This top is from Topshop and is a beautiful cream lace crop top. Great price and great quality and looks great worn with these dungarees from Boohoo. I searched around before purchasing these because there are many slightly different styles/ patterns of dungaree. These came up on top and I particularly like the minor detail along the pocket. It took me awhile to come round but now I love jelly shoes. I think they are a great alternative summer shoe and worn with these cute frilly socks from Topshop definitely benefit this look. Jelly shoes are on my 'Next to buy list'. Ray Bans are great but aren't the most logical to take with you to a festival. My bargain shades from Boohoo will do me fine - mentioned in a previous blog here. To complete this outfit and to add a sprig of colour wear this floral headband from Topshop.

From last years experience I learnt that Friday was a very long (but good) day! I left home about 7am in order to get to Hylands park and get a good tent pitch. By 6/7pm everyone starts heading into the arena for the DJ set. Last year I couldn't but this year I'll be able to get changed and freshen up slightly (with plenty of wet wipes and deodorant) before partying into the night!
Outfit 2. I already own this complete look although sadly my wellies are not Hunters. I wish they were but I couldn't quite bring myself to fork out that much money for a pair of wellingtons. However, Hunter do currently have a 30% off sale so I may have to take a look! I got my knee high socks from Primark last summer just in case I ruined or lost them. Luckily neither happened so they'll be coming with me again. This top is a tad pricey but beautiful and from Miss Selfridge. You may be thinking it's not exactly festival wear but you can't blame a girl for liking a bit of glam! For the Friday evening I think this'll be just about acceptable haha. Black chiffon shorts you can find in many shops, I got mine from Forever 21 and they're so comfortable and flattering. They are high waisted too so will go perfectly with this beaded crop top.

Outfit 3. Hungover from the night before, throw on some shorts, a top and your wellies and you're pretty much good to go! These shorts are my new babies and are from the MOTO range at Topshop. This tops is also Topshop and it's fluorescent colour will give you that well needed lease of life. This gold bangle again from Topshop and will add just the right amount of accessories without getting irritating. Headband , wellies and socks the same as before. 

Outfit 4. The most girly outfit and pretty much all from Topshop (can anyone guess my favourite shop?). I have this skirt and it's so lovely and summery. Team it with this White crop top and statement necklace. To add a tad more colour purchase a bunny scrunchy (Ebay) which will allow you to rock the pony tail - by Sunday your hair won't be in the nicest state so probably best to tie it up and out of the way. Complete the outfit with the frilly socks and jelly shoes again or if the weather hasn't been too pleasant maybe bring out the wellies for another showing.

Outfit 5. The sexiest outfit don't you think? Monday morning feeling rough as ever and probably not looking your best either. Throw on some jogging bottoms and a comfy hoodie (which will also come in handy when it's chilly in the evenings). Slip on a pair of flip flops and hide away behind your sunnies ready to head home. These flip flops are from Havaianas, loungewear from Topshop and Sunglasses as above.

So I hope I've inspired you to start thinking about what you're going to wear to a festival or maybe just this summer. I've failed my objective and actually just made myself even more excited to go to V!

Are you going to a festival this summer?

xx Natalie