Sunday, 28 April 2013


Hey guys, I'm just taking a short break from my mountain of revision and homework that I need to do today, so thought I'd spend it wisely and write a quick post to say Follow me on Instagram! - my username is @nataliedavies_ 


I've only had Instagram for a few months but I love it! Can't pick up my Iphone without checking for any recent posts. 

Like my blog, my IG doesn't have a theme or anything, just photos I've taken or like. so give me a follow and I will check out your IG too :)

Get following!

xx Natalie

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Teenage dirtbag

So I went to my friends last night for a pardy (MIC fans will know that wasn't a spelling mistake). Everyone got rather intoxicated and this morning I'm feeling like a proper dirtbag! Hence the title, although it is a great song too! I'm currently in bed whilst typing this! 
There weren't too many drunken antics last night but just like every time I go out it was slightly eventful. I'm such a drama queen!!

Most people blame the alcohol but I blame the male gender! I can drink with my girls and have a laugh but when there's boys involved things always get a bit rocky! Especially when at the party is one of your ex's, your most recent ex's sister and the guy you like. Not a great start tbh even prior to a bottle of rosé. 

I'd definitely say I'm the kind of girl who finds it hard to let go. Even when I don't even want to like or be with someone I still can't help but want them in my life and old sparks never seem to fade for me! Whenever I see this particular ex I can't help but be a bit flirty! But then the guy I like is right there and that's a whole mess by itself. Basically he's a massive player! And I know this but I still can't help but like him, I think trying to get him to like me out of all the girls he plays makes me want him more. God only knows why I get drawn to boys like him! He's not the first cactus I've liked either! I'm trying to think of some advice for those of you who might be in a similar situation as me, but quite frankly I don't have any! I don't know what to do about this whole fiasco, I just try to take each day as it comes. Start fresh and don't hold grudges! But don't forget those who bring you down and don't let them keep you there! (Ok maybe I do have some advice - not sure where that came from. Definitely need to start telling myself this more often!) 

Remember girls 'Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them'

xx Natalie

Friday, 26 April 2013

Blogging Hype

Haha probably the cheesiest title I could've chosen for my blog but if you know me then you know I love a bit of sarcasm and cheesiness! 

It is also quite fitting because having only started my blog my last night I am still eager to get posting and writing about a load of rubbish!

So last nights post I gave you a brief intro to my blog but today I thought you don't really know much about me other than my name and age, and the whole journalism aspiration thing. So here goes for some random info about me!

Ok, so I live in Essex, England and have done for my whole life. I love my town and trust me its nothing like what you think if all you know of Essex is 'Towie', but one of my favourite things in life is travelling! I've been lucky enough to visit many places whilst growing up with my family but turning 18 and having my own freedom to travel the world (here comes the cheesiness again!) is something that I cannot wait for! Only a year and 35 days to wait haha. Looking back at photos I've taken whilst away just gets me so excited!
The Peak, Hong Kong
Another thing is that I have a dog, well my family do anyway. She's a Miniature Schnauzer and recently turned one. She's a bloody nutter but I love her to pieces! I know having a dog isn't exactly random but her name is! We've always had pets so when my cat passed away we started thinking about what next. My Dad however was totally anti getting a dog. Long story short we managed to persuade him but there was one condition - he got to name her...
So animal cruelty aside he chose the highly embarrassing, 'Esmerelda'. How ridiculous! If you saw a grey haired middle aged man over the park with a small fluffy dog calling out Esmerelda, admit it you would laugh! Hahaa yep that's my dad!
It's not all bad though, we call her Ezzie for short and she is the cutest thing ever. 

Haha some photographic evidence!
So that's about it for this post, I better crack on with some revision before I head out to my friends 17th birthday party. Have a nice evening

xx Natalie 

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Step One

Firstly, welcome to my blog!
My name is Natalie, I'm 16 years old and I'm new to blogging! I've been interested in starting a blog for a while now but only tonight have I taken the next step. 

Secondly, I feel I should give a brief explanation about the title of my blog! I'm currently studying A levels and although I've always been into reading and the media I've only recently set my heart onto taking the path into the world of journalism - so this for me is step one into future!

The idea behind my blog is to start getting practise into doing my own writing and posting it for people to read and comment upon (or criticise - both are more than welcome). So my blog won't be the prettiest you have come across but it shall be random! I don't intend to stick to a particular subject but instead write about what's going on in my life and what I plan to do next, at least the parts I feel others may find slightly interesting! I don't have a lot of free time at the moment so won't be promising regular blogs but hopefully I won't slack too much!

So that's about it for my brief welcoming blog, don't want to bore you too much!

xx Natalie