Monday, 1 July 2013

It's a blacked-out blur!

I'm back guys! Hope you haven't felt too deprived from my blog posts!

I've been crazy busy recently and just had THE best weekend in such a long time!
Friday started off fabulously with an extra long lay in bed as 4/5 of my lessons had been cancelled, meaning I didn't have to be in school until about half 1. Then friday night! My best friend Tori had a hot tub gathering with around 20 people. Drinks were flowing rather quickly and lets just say the rest of the night is my inspiration for today blog title...
Here's a dodgy selfie of what I wore.
Bikini - New Look
Jumper - Joe Browns(old)
Denim shorts - MOTO Topshop
What I do remember was hilarious and such good fun! Good job I had no plans for Saturday though. I spent the majority of the day recovering on the sofa watching a marathon of Keeping up with the Kardashians! Sadly there aren't any photos from Friday night though :( well, none appropriate for my blog anyway!

Then Saturday evening was time for round 2 as I had another party to attend. My good old pal Taylor had a little celebration for Summer - what a great excuse for a party! The weather had warmed up so out came the summer clothes too. Although a little drama, overall another very good night (considerably more sober too).
Em, Amelia, Tay and Me!
*What I'm wearing*
Crop top - Boohoo
Skirt - Topshop
Belt - New Look
Necklace - New Look(old)
Then to top of this weekend, Sunday's weather was b-e-a-utiful! 26 degrees and sunny in fact. I headed up to a local boutique called Lauren Cole. My friend Amelia (photoed above) works in there and she was holding a summer/blog party with 10% all stock. She asked people to model the stores clothes for her blog, here's what she put me in.
What do you think?
So not too bad for your average weekend. I just cannot wait for summer even more now! 14 more days of school left, and counting...