Friday, 21 June 2013

What I'd wear to a FESTIVAL 

So festival season is finally upon us, is anyone else as excited as I am?!
Well to let out some of my excitement, bearing in mind I still have 57 days until I pack my tent and head to my local V festival, I've decided to start outfit planning. Maybe a little early? But I'd rather be an eager beaver than running round the day before trying to find my festival outfit (that's what happened last year!). 

So in August I will be heading to Chelmsford's V Festival for a weekend packed of camping (Red camp of course!), drinking, partying and music! This four day party will need some clothes to go with it so below are some outfits I have put together which I love and would feel comfortable wearing to a festival.

Outfit 1. This top is from Topshop and is a beautiful cream lace crop top. Great price and great quality and looks great worn with these dungarees from Boohoo. I searched around before purchasing these because there are many slightly different styles/ patterns of dungaree. These came up on top and I particularly like the minor detail along the pocket. It took me awhile to come round but now I love jelly shoes. I think they are a great alternative summer shoe and worn with these cute frilly socks from Topshop definitely benefit this look. Jelly shoes are on my 'Next to buy list'. Ray Bans are great but aren't the most logical to take with you to a festival. My bargain shades from Boohoo will do me fine - mentioned in a previous blog here. To complete this outfit and to add a sprig of colour wear this floral headband from Topshop.

From last years experience I learnt that Friday was a very long (but good) day! I left home about 7am in order to get to Hylands park and get a good tent pitch. By 6/7pm everyone starts heading into the arena for the DJ set. Last year I couldn't but this year I'll be able to get changed and freshen up slightly (with plenty of wet wipes and deodorant) before partying into the night!
Outfit 2. I already own this complete look although sadly my wellies are not Hunters. I wish they were but I couldn't quite bring myself to fork out that much money for a pair of wellingtons. However, Hunter do currently have a 30% off sale so I may have to take a look! I got my knee high socks from Primark last summer just in case I ruined or lost them. Luckily neither happened so they'll be coming with me again. This top is a tad pricey but beautiful and from Miss Selfridge. You may be thinking it's not exactly festival wear but you can't blame a girl for liking a bit of glam! For the Friday evening I think this'll be just about acceptable haha. Black chiffon shorts you can find in many shops, I got mine from Forever 21 and they're so comfortable and flattering. They are high waisted too so will go perfectly with this beaded crop top.

Outfit 3. Hungover from the night before, throw on some shorts, a top and your wellies and you're pretty much good to go! These shorts are my new babies and are from the MOTO range at Topshop. This tops is also Topshop and it's fluorescent colour will give you that well needed lease of life. This gold bangle again from Topshop and will add just the right amount of accessories without getting irritating. Headband , wellies and socks the same as before. 

Outfit 4. The most girly outfit and pretty much all from Topshop (can anyone guess my favourite shop?). I have this skirt and it's so lovely and summery. Team it with this White crop top and statement necklace. To add a tad more colour purchase a bunny scrunchy (Ebay) which will allow you to rock the pony tail - by Sunday your hair won't be in the nicest state so probably best to tie it up and out of the way. Complete the outfit with the frilly socks and jelly shoes again or if the weather hasn't been too pleasant maybe bring out the wellies for another showing.

Outfit 5. The sexiest outfit don't you think? Monday morning feeling rough as ever and probably not looking your best either. Throw on some jogging bottoms and a comfy hoodie (which will also come in handy when it's chilly in the evenings). Slip on a pair of flip flops and hide away behind your sunnies ready to head home. These flip flops are from Havaianas, loungewear from Topshop and Sunglasses as above.

So I hope I've inspired you to start thinking about what you're going to wear to a festival or maybe just this summer. I've failed my objective and actually just made myself even more excited to go to V!

Are you going to a festival this summer?

xx Natalie

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Heating up

Today's or should I say this afternoon/ evenings weather has been beautiful. The sun has (finally) made a reappearance in England. And in Billericay we had highs of 27 degrees Celsius, believe it or not!

As nice as this is I no longer wish for it to stay because nine times out of ten England is unable to fulfil this. Very sad I know, but I'd rather face the facts then be disappointed! So this rarity of the sun shining has made my mind travel to faraway places where the sun is much more guaranteed and they do actually experience this season known as Summer! Wouldn't that be nice?

First on my list is the stunning Caribbean island, Cuba. Mainly because my Mum has a friend who originated from there and she has mentioned that she'd love for us to go there with her one day. This means there is actually a slight possibility that I will get to visit this beautiful island. What a dream that'd be!

 The next place which sprung to mind was Sardinia. Another island but this particular one is just off of the Italian mainland, so not too far away from us, a 3 hour flight I would imagine? I've been to Italy before and I loved it. The language, the culture, the food! Everything was fabulous and I can imagine Sardinia being pretty similar but with some more spectacular beaches since it's an island. Not sure if that's true but definitely what I imagine it to be.

Malaysia seems rather amazing too right? Look how clear the sea is. This photo does make me think of Madagascar 1 though, when they all first arrive on the island, just me? hahaa

Finally, Bora Bora. This picture is just... WOW! Definitely a place on my wish list to visit. I reckon it'd be the most perfect honeymoon destination. It looks so peaceful and the idea of staying in one of those huts in the sea makes me want to pack my bag and go right away!

So I hope I haven't made you too depressed when you read this whilst sitting in your bedroom. You're not the only one who wishes they were on holiday right now!

Would you like to go to any of these places?

Time for me to head back to the world of UCAS and Uni applications now, not as exciting as it first seems I can assure you!

xx Natalie

Sunday, 16 June 2013


Afternoon blogosphere!

Very very quick post as I need to get ready because we're going out for dinner for fathers day.
Buttttt Blogger is driving me crazy today! Recently I've been commenting on and receiving more comments than previously but I wanted to know if there was a quick way to view comments without having to troll through each post/ return to blogs I commented on to check for a response (currently what I'm doing!). It's so inconvenient and I wondered if any of you lovely people know if there's a facebook/twitter type notification thing? Me being slightly incompetent when it comes to IT and blogging in particular, I seriously need you brainboxes to help!

Let me know asap if you can help me or just comment to share your pain. If there is no way of doing it I won't be too happy - I won't blame you of course! I will put full blame on the creator of Google Blogger! And hope that they soon fix my issue!

Thanks guys and gals

xx Natalie

Liebster Award

Horah! I've been nominated for the Liebster award by not one but by two lovely bloggers!
I've seen the Liebster award popping up on many different blogs recently and it feels so lovely to have been nominated to be a part of it myself. I'm still classing myself as new/rubbish at blogging but having the chance to do this makes me feel officially a part of the blogging community. I'm not sure what exactly the rules are but since I don't know I'm going to respond to both. Teresa and Emma are the two beautiful bloggers who nominated me - both their blogs are fab so head on over and check them out!

Also I've got a serious case of bloggers block today so this came at a perfect time!

There are some rules which I do know about which are;
*Answer the 11 questions set by the blogger who nominated you
*Select 11 blogs with under 200 followers, to answer your 11 questions
*Let your chosen bloggers know you nominated them
*Don't forget to link your nominator in your blog post!

Questions set by Teresa:
1)Long or short hair?
   Personally I have quite long hair. I love it but I do slightly envy girls who are brave enough and can pull of short styles.
2)Do you go shopping or buy clothes on the internet?
   Both! You can't beat a good day/evening out with your friends shopping but then the internet is so convenient sometimes. Especially with sales, you can find so many more bargains when shopping online!
3)Usual makeup?
 I'm not really the make-up type if I'm honest so normally I just go for the basics. Garnier BB cream, Body Shop brown eyebrow pencil and Benefit They're real mascara.
4)Have you ever died your hair? 
Yes twice but neither worked particularly well. Once I tried to go auburney red and the second attempt was to go plum. I have such thick dark hair so it's very hard to colour it without bleach which I DO NOT want to do since it isn't good for your hair. So rather than a new colour I always just get a slight coloured tint.
5)Are you a day or night person?
   I'm such a mixed bag! It really depends on what we're doing and the weather as well! Living in England means nights are never warm but then I love a good night out to a party!
6)Favourite place?
My kitchen? is that acceptable? For a number of reasons - firstly because it's my source of food but also because it's where my family as a whole spend most our time together. family meals and afternoon tea are lovely to catch up with the other three busy members of my family. If we're talking exotic/abroad though it would have to be Menorca purely because I've had so many good memories there.
7)Any piercing or tattoo?
   The most normal piercing in the world - just one in each earlobe. I do really want my belly button pierced though and would love a small tattoo of some kind when I'm older!
8)Tea or coffee?
   Neither! Simply because I don't like the taste. 
9)Favourite colour for clothes?
  Probably Coral and whites, with a good denim pant of some sort.
10)Handbag or rucksack?
 Gosh I'm so indecisive! It depends - Day probably rucksack, Night a handbag.
11)Latest adquisition?

     I'm assuming this means acquisition? I went yesterday and friday night oops! so the last item I bought was a top from Monsoon for my mum's birthday.

Questions from Emma:
1) What inspired your blogs name?
    My blog is mainly lifestyle and what I've been doing so it makes sense to name it next chapter, the next things happening in my life. Plus I'm sucker for some alliteration so couldn't resist!
2) Why did you start your blog?
    I've always loved writing and I would love to become a journalist. Media and blogging are such a big part of it these days so thought I should probably start to get my head round it.
3)How young were you when you started wearing makeup?
   I always loved to play with eyeshadows and lip glosses since I was about 5/6 but proper make up not until about 12 years old. Think that's when I got my first foundation.
4)What's your favourite high-street brands?
    Topshop 100% but then New look are normally good if on a tighter budget. and Miss Selfridge are beautiful for a nice evening outfit.
5)How much do you reckon you spend a month on makeup?
   This is quite embarrassing for a girl. I rarely buy it as I'm not one to experiment, probably £5-10 max.
6)What's your favourite hair style to wear daily?
    Just straightened.
7)I am a  organised aholic
   Yep I'm sad, I hate things untidy.
8)Hate or love primark?
   I hate that I love it! Shopping there pains me when it's so busy and the queue is so long but you can't beat the bargains!
9)Fake lashes or real lashes?
   I wish I could say real but I have such stumpy pathetic lashes so for a night out I prefer having falsies on.
10)Do you wear makeup everyday?
     If I'm going out for the day then yes but otherwise no I don't see the point.
11)A funny secret...
    Without a doubt the hardest question! I'm not a very secretive person and don't have the best memory either. I'll just share with you that I have a huuuuuge crush on Zayn Malik from one direction. I think he's beautiful and if he'd like to marry me then I am all for it!
Nominees: (sorry for only doing 9)

My questions
1. Is your blog themed - If so why did you choose it?
2. Which type of blog post do you enjoy reading the most?
3. Why do you blog?
4. What is your all time favourite book?
5. Do you prefer going to parties or a chilled night with your best friends?
6. Which pizza topping is your favourite?
7. Which singer/band is your guilty pleasure?
8. how many gigs have you been to and which ones?
9. Could you rough it camping at a festival or would you rather your own bed and duvet?
10. Do you play any instruments?
11. Which has been your favourite holiday destination?

Sorry if this post has dragged on a tad! But thanks again to Teresa and Emma for nominating me and I hope my nominees enjoy answering my questions!

xx Natalie

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Go Ape!

Had THE best day yesterday with my most favourite girls in the world! Cringin'ell but I do have the bestest friends I could ask for.

To celebrate my birthday in pure style I took my friends to Go Ape! High ropes and Zip wires 20 metres high in the trees. Definitely scary at times but we had such a laugh and was so fun to spend the day doing something active with my girls.
 All harnessed up and ready to hit the high ropes! We're all looking gorgeous with our hair up preparing to dangle from the trees...
 So only a little high! This isn't even the highest point and I could already feel butterfly's in my stomach!
 Awh cringey/cute group photo whilst up on the platforms. New advertisment photo for the Go Ape! website??!!
 Doing it Tarzan style - launching ourselves towards a wall of rope!
 We finally made it! Felt quite nice to have our feet on solid ground after all that.

So all in all a fab day out! I would definitely recommend doing Go Ape! if you haven't before - maybe not if you don't like heights though.

xx Natalie

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Build me up buttercup

Hooray fellow bloggers! My exams are well and truly officially finished, for this year at least!!! Couldn't be happier today - being able to relax plus this beautiful weather is just so so perfect!

Just realised I haven't done a birthday related post! So thought I'd give you a brief rundown now. Not quite as nice as today but the weather certainly wasn't anything to complain about last Friday. The sun was shining for me, so me and my beautiful mum took my favourite bundle of fluff over to our local meadow. Look at all those pretty buttercups, the dog was definitely enjoying herself! Dog walking, driving lesson and a night out; a pretty decent birthday if I may say so myself.

Now back to today! 21 degrees Celsius calls for a sleeveless cropped shirt and some new sunnies I think. Black wayfarer style sunglasses - everyones go to pair of shades. Mine are from for only £5! Only a smidgen of the Ray Ban price tag but from a distance look just as good! Well good enough aha!

My shirt is from and was one of my birthday presents so I'm not too sure on the price. New Look are never that pricey so I imagine for the quality of the item it was pretty reasonable! Denim style but light and summer since it's actually cotton and the cute white dots give it that girly edge. 

We are still in England so I wasn't quite ready to brave shorts quite yet so I teamed my shirt with cropped white jeans. These ones are from which I got in the sale a few years a go. So comfy though, I'd definitely recommend jeans from there!
lots of love

xx Natalie

Monday, 3 June 2013

Minnie Mini

Guess who's got a their own car?!?!

That's right, ME! Gosh I still can't quite believe it. My all time dream car as well. A super cute Mini One, not to mention her being bang on trend with her monochrome look hahaa.

I've been super busy over the past few days; my birthday, driving lessons, exams, I've finally found some down time to write my latest blog! I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms!

So here she is - my absolute pride and joy! Everyone meet my baby, Minnie the Mini. She's so beautiful and now I'm even more desperate than before to get driving lessons under my belt and pass my driving test. Freedom to drive for the summer would be absolutely perfect! (Get real though Nat! I've only had 2 lessons so far). I do seem to be getting the hang of it though so fingers crossed it won't take me too long!

Are any of you learning to drive at the moment?

xx Natalie