Friday, 21 June 2013

What I'd wear to a FESTIVAL 

So festival season is finally upon us, is anyone else as excited as I am?!
Well to let out some of my excitement, bearing in mind I still have 57 days until I pack my tent and head to my local V festival, I've decided to start outfit planning. Maybe a little early? But I'd rather be an eager beaver than running round the day before trying to find my festival outfit (that's what happened last year!). 

So in August I will be heading to Chelmsford's V Festival for a weekend packed of camping (Red camp of course!), drinking, partying and music! This four day party will need some clothes to go with it so below are some outfits I have put together which I love and would feel comfortable wearing to a festival.

Outfit 1. This top is from Topshop and is a beautiful cream lace crop top. Great price and great quality and looks great worn with these dungarees from Boohoo. I searched around before purchasing these because there are many slightly different styles/ patterns of dungaree. These came up on top and I particularly like the minor detail along the pocket. It took me awhile to come round but now I love jelly shoes. I think they are a great alternative summer shoe and worn with these cute frilly socks from Topshop definitely benefit this look. Jelly shoes are on my 'Next to buy list'. Ray Bans are great but aren't the most logical to take with you to a festival. My bargain shades from Boohoo will do me fine - mentioned in a previous blog here. To complete this outfit and to add a sprig of colour wear this floral headband from Topshop.

From last years experience I learnt that Friday was a very long (but good) day! I left home about 7am in order to get to Hylands park and get a good tent pitch. By 6/7pm everyone starts heading into the arena for the DJ set. Last year I couldn't but this year I'll be able to get changed and freshen up slightly (with plenty of wet wipes and deodorant) before partying into the night!
Outfit 2. I already own this complete look although sadly my wellies are not Hunters. I wish they were but I couldn't quite bring myself to fork out that much money for a pair of wellingtons. However, Hunter do currently have a 30% off sale so I may have to take a look! I got my knee high socks from Primark last summer just in case I ruined or lost them. Luckily neither happened so they'll be coming with me again. This top is a tad pricey but beautiful and from Miss Selfridge. You may be thinking it's not exactly festival wear but you can't blame a girl for liking a bit of glam! For the Friday evening I think this'll be just about acceptable haha. Black chiffon shorts you can find in many shops, I got mine from Forever 21 and they're so comfortable and flattering. They are high waisted too so will go perfectly with this beaded crop top.

Outfit 3. Hungover from the night before, throw on some shorts, a top and your wellies and you're pretty much good to go! These shorts are my new babies and are from the MOTO range at Topshop. This tops is also Topshop and it's fluorescent colour will give you that well needed lease of life. This gold bangle again from Topshop and will add just the right amount of accessories without getting irritating. Headband , wellies and socks the same as before. 

Outfit 4. The most girly outfit and pretty much all from Topshop (can anyone guess my favourite shop?). I have this skirt and it's so lovely and summery. Team it with this White crop top and statement necklace. To add a tad more colour purchase a bunny scrunchy (Ebay) which will allow you to rock the pony tail - by Sunday your hair won't be in the nicest state so probably best to tie it up and out of the way. Complete the outfit with the frilly socks and jelly shoes again or if the weather hasn't been too pleasant maybe bring out the wellies for another showing.

Outfit 5. The sexiest outfit don't you think? Monday morning feeling rough as ever and probably not looking your best either. Throw on some jogging bottoms and a comfy hoodie (which will also come in handy when it's chilly in the evenings). Slip on a pair of flip flops and hide away behind your sunnies ready to head home. These flip flops are from Havaianas, loungewear from Topshop and Sunglasses as above.

So I hope I've inspired you to start thinking about what you're going to wear to a festival or maybe just this summer. I've failed my objective and actually just made myself even more excited to go to V!

Are you going to a festival this summer?

xx Natalie