Monday, 27 May 2013

Little bit of Sunshine

This weekend the sun has been shining! Makes a change after all the rain we've had recently and especially nice since it's bank holiday weekend! I decided to make the most of the morning sun and sat outside whilst I devoured my bowl of Rice Krispies. I couldn't resist taking a shot of the sun to share with you guys!

Yesterday I had a lovely day with my family. My grandparents and Aunt and Uncle all came over to celebrate my lovely Nan's 79th Birthday! We went to the Royal Tiger in South Hanningfield to enjoy a served buffet of Indian and Thai food. I definitely had myself a food baby once we'd finished our meal!

This is what I wore; Missguided Acid wash Skater dress (Shown in a previous blog here)
                                        New Look Flower Necklace
                                        Sandals purchased in Australia - similar here
I also curled my hair using GHD straighteners and wore slightly more make-up then usual. In particular, Bright Pink lip stick and Liquid Black eye-liner.

Hope you're enjoying the sun - What have you got up to this Bank holiday weekend?

xx Natalie

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Half term Happiness

I am so so happy that my Sixth Form have broken up for a week off!
Ok so technically I haven't been at school for the past two weeks anyway but that's besides the point! A week break off school means a week break from exams! I have taken six AS exams in the past fortnight - so ready to be able to relax, at least for a little while.

So my plans for the week are mainly to relax and revise every now and then, just so I don't forget absolutely everything! But there are gonna be some fun and games. Under a week now until my birthday!!!! Woooo

Some of you may not regard it as fun but I plan to head down to my gym every other day and workout! I'm slightly disgusted with myself as I don't even remember the last time I went! Haven't done any proper exercise in ages. That as well as revision snacking does not go well together!

Friday the 31st May - FINALLY I turn 17! And I cannot wait. I intend to have a rather relaxed morning and then I've got my first two hour driving lesson booked between 1-3pm. That will be exciting hitting the road for the first time! Later on that evening I am going to work! Not to actually do work though don't worry - I'm not that sad to work on my birthday haha. I work at a wedding venue as a waitress and the boss and chef are getting married on this day. All staff are invited so we're all going to get dressed up and go to the wedding party. Free bar - I hear birthday shots calling my name!

I plan to wear my favourite LBD from Topshop. It's skater style but over the collar bone area there's mesh insert with beading draping the shoulders. My explanation is absolutely rubbish but here is a similar dress without the beading but with long sleeves and mesh middle.
To brighten it up I'm going to use my coral clutch bag - similar here on Ebay and at the moment I'll wear my trusty suede black heels but if I can find myself some matching coral heels then result! Let me know if you've seen any nice coral heels recently please!

xx Natalie

Sunday, 19 May 2013


Evening bloggers!

Just a very quick post from me before my head hits the pillow! I've felt exhausted all day and spent the majority of it in bed doing revision for my AS unit 1 Biology exam which is on Tuesday eeek!

To help get me through hours of painful revision I called upon my babe Miss T. Swift. I love me some Taylor and her latest album RED is A-MA-ZING. I downloaded the deluxe edition the day it hit the iTunes store and is without a doubt my go-to album.
My particular favourite for today which I must've played a hundred times over was 'girl at home' - apologies to everyone in my household!
This is a great, catchy song and I especially love the lyrics as they really do mean something to me. Lets just say I know how Swifty was feeling when she wrote this...

So this was mine - do you ever have a 'Song Of The Day'?

xx Natalie

Friday, 17 May 2013

Summer Dream

 In my ideal world Summer here in England definitely would have started by now! And it would be warm and sunny the whole time with never the need to carry an umbrella or a jacket with you in May - just in case. 

Here is a selection of summer clothes and accessories I've chosen from Topshop. If I was rich then these items would most definitely already be in my wardrobe! And I would be wearing them everyday in our lovely weather.

Keep Dreaming - Although I am going to Florida in July for 18 days so maybe I will splash out and buy a few of the pieces shown below to wear whilst I'm away!

All items can be found on the Topshop website.

Happy Summer shopping!

xx Natalie

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The perks of having Study leave

I've mentioned it enough that I'm currently doing exams but along with that comes study leave! Four glorious weeks of not having to attend lessons at school. So yes the majority of it does/ should be spent revising but I can afford to have some time with my head outside a text book! This afternoon has been one of the relaxing occurrences.

Especially as we are experiencing a typical English summer - rain - I chose to spend this groggy afternoon watching a film with my mum. How cute! Don't laugh, we watch The Lizzie McGuire Movie, one of my childhood favourites. When I was younger Hilary Duff was without a doubt my idol! I wished (and secretly still do) to be as cool as her. Especially in this film as Lizzie. Most people know the words to the legendary 'Hey Now' song featured in this film. Well I know the dance moves and can pretty much quote the film the entire way through. Many hours of my childhood, and embarrassingly my teens years too, have been spent watching this movie. It'll be much easier to get away with if you have a younger sister, show her this movie and you'll probably love it more than her!

I also took some time today with my mum to organise my upcoming birthday. Despite turning 17 I'm being very uncool - like always - and taking my friends to Go Ape! I've done it once before and if you love heights then it is fabulous! High ropes, zip wires and Tarzan swings, relying on rope, a harness and a few carabina clips to dangle yourself many metres above ground. Not every-ones cup of tea but it is certainly mine! I'm so excited! Just praying that the weather is not like today so we don't get drenched whilst suspended in mid air.

One good thing that the English rain has brought is the brilliantly titled debut Album from Gabrielle Aplin which was released yesterday. I love Gabrielle and have loved each single she has released so far. I'm yet to listen to her album but is exactly what I plan to do right now! Check it out now!

xx Natalie

It's such a good feeling!

Such a good Feeling! 1 down and 7 to go... oh sweet A levels, I hate you!

It's weird that I have just got home from completing my First As level exam. In some ways I feel so much older than 16 but in other ways I almost don't feel old enough to already be sitting my AS examinations.
I remember this time last year when I was doing my GCSE's and looking up at the current year 12's and thinking how much older they seemed, bizarre that that's now me!

There's quite a lot of pressure riding on these exams. I sat two modules in January and they didn't exactly go to plan. I'm re-sitting both of them and really hope to do well in all my exams. I'd love to go to University but of course which one I go to is dependant on my grades - plenty of revision and keeping my fingers crossed!

So today was History 1 and was the exam I was dreading most out of my lovely list of 8! The feeling of relief when an exam goes to plan and you can cross it off your list. Such a sweet feeling - one step closer to summer! Not that I'm counting down or anything...

I sacrificed watching last nights episode of MIC (Made in Chelsea) for some extra revision so that is what I'm going to do now. Cannot wait to see how Lucy and Spencer's date to Paris goes ahhh!

Good Luck to everyone else doing exams atm! 

xx Natalie - also just realised my full name is on my exam sheet in the photo above! haha uh oh

Thursday, 9 May 2013

So what you gonna do...

...When the world don't orbit around you?
*taken from Google - I do not own*
Also just saying Hayley Williams is possibly the coolest women alive!
Some wise words from Paramore today inspiring me to do this post.
Paramore – Paramore Listen through (the amazing) Spotify to their new album here!

I've mentioned previously in my wish list post my love for Paramore and also how good their new album is. If you haven't checked it out yet then I highly suggest you do. Even if you've never listened to Paramore before and think you won't like their style of music, I'm pretty sure there'll be at least one song on there that you'll love! My current favourite is 'Ain't it fun' (which I realise now I named ain't no fun in my previous post - oops). The title of this post being taken from the lyrics to the bridge and this song.

Here is a link to this song on YouTube to get you started. Paramore haven't released this song as a single and so don't have a video for it - they hopefully will in the future. But this link is to a lyric video so if like me you like to sing then enjoy! If not, at least read the lyrics as this song has got a lot of messages which many of you can probably relate to. I certainly can! Also just an interesting fact - I'm not the only person loving this song because despite it not having been released it still managed to reach #24 on UK Rock.

Enjoy! I'm going back to the world of revision now...

xx Natalie

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I haven't posted in a few days so a quick apology from me! I've been bombarded with school work as I now have under a week until my first exam! *freak out*

But I thought I'd have a quick look on my blog, just to see how things were - not that I was expecting anything. But horray I was pleasantly surprised. I have gained my first follower! I realise how sad this is but for me I'm very excited. There is at least one person out there reading and (shockingly) liking my posts! Thank you!!!

Also tonight I finally made a full revision timetable and don't worry I have allowed myself a fair share of revision breaks. And I will use them wisely by updating my blog with new posts. I can't promise they'll be any good since my brain will be mashed full of revision but I will try my best.

With all this nice weather we've been having lately it's made me think about summer! So I intend to do a post dedicated to Summer and also a Festival post.

xx Natalie

Saturday, 4 May 2013


I've just joined Bloglovin' so please follow me on there and bear with me while I sort out the Bloglovin' page at the top. Doesn't want to work for me atm!

xx Natalie

Ok, scrap that guys, I've decided to use the follow button instead of a page link. So click on the artist Bloglovin' icon to the right and follow/like through there.
Thank you!

xx Natalie

Wish list

It's 11.20 Saturday morning and I'm still in bed! Relaxing whilst I can because I know all my day will consist of is revision!

I'm also catching up on my beauty sleep after having a very unexpected late night last night. Me and my friend Amelia set out for a jog about half 7 last night. We decided to 'pop' round to our friend Molly's to say hi - 4 and a half hours later we were still there! We had such a laugh together acting half our age. We each wrote down predictions for each other of what we think will happen between us and boys between now and summer! We agreed not to read each others until the Monday morning after V Festival, which we are all going to and camping at! Woooo

But as I've mentioned before my birthday is on it's way and this morning I've really started thinking about possible thinks I may ask for! I'm not expecting much this year because I've been bought a car already and will most probably get driving lessons paid for as a present from my parents.

But this hasn't stopped me from creating a wish!

Top of my list is the new album by Paramore. I've loved them for years now and even went to see them live in 2010 when they played at the O2. I've been listening to this a bit on spotify already and although it's different to their previous sound I still absolutely love it! 'Still into you' and 'ain't not fun' currently my favourites.

I'm really into music at the moment so albums is mainly what my list consists of. Bastille - Bad Blood I'm seriously in love with. First heard 'Pompeii' on radio one a few months ago and I soon became addicted to it! I'd never heard of Bastille before then so I checked them out on good old spotify and they really are fab! I've even started to learn 'Pompeii' on my acoustic guitar.

Don Brocco - I don't really know anything about them apart from they're a band who have a great new album called Prioritise. They're single 'whole truth' is so catchy and has great lyrics. This song made me want their album so hopefully it'll be just as good.

Here are a few other albums I would like!

If you haven't yet seen Pitch Perfect I urge you too immediately! It stars Rebel Wilson who is my new queen of funny! She's so great and in this film has you laughing from start to finish. This film is quite girly too so if you're in the mood for a chick flick then this is what I suggest! I also think it's recently been added to sky on demand so check that out if you're unsure whether to buy it or not.

Only a few more things I promise!

I'm beyond useless with headphones, they always seem to slowly but surely break and stop working. I use them quite a lot I guess but still it's highly annoying! So I think it's time to invest in a new pair. But I've decided to go for ones like these to the right - Sports headphones which clip round your ear. I go to the gym quite regularly and have also started going for jogs as well so these will be perfect to use for that - save me having to poke my earphones back into my ear every ten seconds!

I discovered 'GlossyBox' a little while a go now when I first started reading peoples blogs and tumblr posts. The majority of people were raving about it saying that it was really great value for money and it being really fun waiting for each months box to arrive to find out which samples you would have to try out. So for those of you who don't know, it's a beauty box subscription. Each month you receive a box full of samples of new beauty products; make-up, perfume, hair products. It sounds really good and if I don't get a subscription as a birthday present I may just treat myself to it anyway!

These brushes have burst onto the beauty market and headed straight to the top of everyone's lists. I haven't had the chance to try them out but I know so many people who have and I haven't heard a single bad comment against them. This core collection kit seems really good value for money. On Amazon you can get it for just under £ 20 for the four brushes and this case/stand. I do already have a foundation brush from QVC which I think is great but a girl can never have too many beauty products so hopefully these will be worth getting!

Finally, some clothes! There are plenty of items that i would love but i wanted to be realistic and also not go on for ever with this blogpost, it's pretty long as it is!

I headed to the queen of all fashion shops - the beloved Topshop. This skirt caught my eye straight away and here on this model it looks lovely! The colour is right up my street - I love a bit of pink and this is so summery and ideal for me to wear to school on the warmer days and also in the height of summer to BBQ's and gatherings and I'm sure it'll make its way into my suitcase to Florida as well.

This Bikini is also Topshop and its tie dye print makes in very in fashion and striking. On the beach on a sunny day I think this would look lovely and if I remember correctly it was only £30 too! Very good value for money I thought! This probably won't make its way onto my birthday list but I'm definitely saving it for later on my Topshop online account and will hopefully buy it in time for summer.

I hope I haven't bored you too much and if you are looking for a new film of some new music to listen too, check out Pitch Perfect and Paramore!

xx Natalie

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Blogspot lovin'

Evening pals, hope you're all well!

I really shouldn't have set up a blog this close to my As exams because I have pretty much spent my whole evening on here so far trying to make my blog slightly prettier and easier to use! (Hoping that a few more of you may follow me - please!) I'm also going back to school at 7pm for a parents presentation all about university and UCAS; so doesn't look like I'm going to be getting any revision done tonight, oops!

Anyway I just wanted to share my success! (Remember I'm new to blogging) I finally worked out how to edit my blog, I've changed the colours so I'm more colourful now yay! My biggest achievement though was adding pages to my blog. Feel like such an idiot as so many blogs I've visited recently all have links at the top of the blog under the header but I couldn't for the life of me work out how to set this up! I almost posted a blog asking for help! I had a play around though and finally found it! So please make the most of my four beautiful new pages. Check out my Instagram and Twitter profiles and if you've got any questions or comments for me head over to that page as well!

Ran out of time to finish this post before heading back to school so the times above don't make too much sense! I've been and come back from the presentation and feel like I've been bombarded with information. One degree, in particular that they mentioned, was journalism! (so  I did bother to listen to this part) and they strongly encouraged me to start writing more. Not just for a personal blog but also for public communications; local charities, local newspapers, local magazine, anything really for a bit of work experience. So this is my next task - apply and keep my fingers crossed that at least someone will take me on, wish me luck!

xx Natalie

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Happy May!

Hi guys and gals, Happy 1st of May!

Today has been such a lovely day so thought I would share it with all of you! Hope you've had a great start to the best month of the year. Of course the countdown has now begun - only 30 days left until my birthday, until I turn 17 and until I can legally learn to drive!!!! Excitement doesn't quite cover it if I'm honest!

So today here in Essex we had perfect spring weather. It was lovely blue skies and sunny but there was also a cool breeze. Definitely got my daily dose of Vitamin D today and it's definitely had positive effects. Ok so school was pretty average but being able to sit outside in the sun at lunch does make it slightly more bearable, starting early on my summer tan - why not?! 

Acid wash skater dress - £15.99 -

I wore a really lovely dress from It's skater style so fashionable but also very comfortable - perfect for school! (my sixth form don't have uniform btw) It wasn't that warm so I did wear it with black tights unlike the photo. I also wore black ankle boots from Miss KG I bought in republic at the beginning of winter and a light blue denim jacket I got from New Look a few years back. Perfect spring outfit!

Cannot wait for this in the summer!

Talking of summer I can't quite believe how quickly it's coming around! Not long to go and I seriously need to get my summer bod sorted! As corny as it sounds it's true - everybody wants to look and feel good in a Bikini! So with this is mind I chose to have salad for lunch, so proud of myself! I also had a banana when I got in from school and even went for a jog! Ok so I went with my friend and we spent most the time gossiping and walking but it still counts as exercise right? haha!

So May isn't all good, especially if you're in year 11/12/13. The dreaded exams are looming around the corner. I've got under two weeks until mine start now, only a tad scary! My mocks exams haven't gone too horrifically so fingers crossed I'll do alright in the real ones.

But in between exams we do have half term and of course the 31st of May which is my birthday :) cannot wait to start driving lessons and get on the road in my baby! I haven't got her yet but she's so beautiful and I'm seriously so excited! I've been beyond lucky and got a mini one. Literally my dream car, I couldn't be happier! She's black with chequered roof and wing mirrors and white racing stripes. As soon as I've got her I'm sure I will do an overly excited post dedicated to my mini! But until then you and I will have to wait!

xx Natalie