Saturday, 13 July 2013

Alton Alton Towers Baby

If you hadn't guessed from the title, Yep! Yesterday I went to Alton Towers Resort AND had a bloody amazing time!
Just arrived and raring to go! (I'm 5th in from the right btw)
For our Year 12 end of year rewards trip, we all voted to be at school for 5am and do a four hour coach trip to get to Alton Towers. Call us crazy! It was an absolutely axhausting day but despite the VERY early wake up call and the long journey, it most definitely was worth it. Being not officially the school summer holiday period yet meant it wasn't overwhelmingly busy so we managed to get on so many of the crazy rides and really get to enjoy the day.

You know what they say, 'Suns out, Guns out' and we all definitely made the most of the weather. It felt so hot yesterday, almost as if we were in a foreign country! But we certainly weren't complaining - the sun only added to our already fab day out! And with our legs out walking around in the sunshine for hours we all managed to catch a bit of a tan too! Hoorah!
We are all hanging up there somewhere!
We headed straight to AIR as soon as we got there and had no queue at all - such a great way to start. I've always loved air, the unique rollercoaster is such a thrill, you feel like you're flying (well I do anyway). We then made our way round the park, doing all the big rollercaoster and also some of the smaller - but not any less scary - rides too! My favourite of the day is Alton Towers new ride for 2013; The Smiler. We queued for about an hour so were all hoping it would be worth it. And Yes it was! The Smiler is the longest ride in the park, almost 3 minutes long. It has soo many loops and you spend the majority of the ride upside down or VERY high up from the ground!

After consuming my own body weight in junk food and allowing the blood to rush to my head many times throughout the day, it was 6pm and time to all head back to the bus! Just enough time for one last photo!
Tanned but shattered after a long day out!
If you haven't been to Alton Towers before then start saving and definitely put it on your bucket list, such a good theme park with so much to do, even if you're not a huge fun of giant rollercoasters!
Four more days of school and then my summer can really start! This was another great pre-summer outing though! And definitely a good one to give me a flavour of what Disney World will be like in a few weeks time! Ahhh!

Have you been to Alton Towers or Disney World? What did you think?