Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The perks of having Study leave

I've mentioned it enough that I'm currently doing exams but along with that comes study leave! Four glorious weeks of not having to attend lessons at school. So yes the majority of it does/ should be spent revising but I can afford to have some time with my head outside a text book! This afternoon has been one of the relaxing occurrences.

Especially as we are experiencing a typical English summer - rain - I chose to spend this groggy afternoon watching a film with my mum. How cute! Don't laugh, we watch The Lizzie McGuire Movie, one of my childhood favourites. When I was younger Hilary Duff was without a doubt my idol! I wished (and secretly still do) to be as cool as her. Especially in this film as Lizzie. Most people know the words to the legendary 'Hey Now' song featured in this film. Well I know the dance moves and can pretty much quote the film the entire way through. Many hours of my childhood, and embarrassingly my teens years too, have been spent watching this movie. It'll be much easier to get away with if you have a younger sister, show her this movie and you'll probably love it more than her!

I also took some time today with my mum to organise my upcoming birthday. Despite turning 17 I'm being very uncool - like always - and taking my friends to Go Ape! I've done it once before and if you love heights then it is fabulous! High ropes, zip wires and Tarzan swings, relying on rope, a harness and a few carabina clips to dangle yourself many metres above ground. Not every-ones cup of tea but it is certainly mine! I'm so excited! Just praying that the weather is not like today so we don't get drenched whilst suspended in mid air.

One good thing that the English rain has brought is the brilliantly titled debut Album from Gabrielle Aplin which was released yesterday. I love Gabrielle and have loved each single she has released so far. I'm yet to listen to her album but is exactly what I plan to do right now! Check it out now!

xx Natalie