Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Heating up

Today's or should I say this afternoon/ evenings weather has been beautiful. The sun has (finally) made a reappearance in England. And in Billericay we had highs of 27 degrees Celsius, believe it or not!

As nice as this is I no longer wish for it to stay because nine times out of ten England is unable to fulfil this. Very sad I know, but I'd rather face the facts then be disappointed! So this rarity of the sun shining has made my mind travel to faraway places where the sun is much more guaranteed and they do actually experience this season known as Summer! Wouldn't that be nice?

First on my list is the stunning Caribbean island, Cuba. Mainly because my Mum has a friend who originated from there and she has mentioned that she'd love for us to go there with her one day. This means there is actually a slight possibility that I will get to visit this beautiful island. What a dream that'd be!

 The next place which sprung to mind was Sardinia. Another island but this particular one is just off of the Italian mainland, so not too far away from us, a 3 hour flight I would imagine? I've been to Italy before and I loved it. The language, the culture, the food! Everything was fabulous and I can imagine Sardinia being pretty similar but with some more spectacular beaches since it's an island. Not sure if that's true but definitely what I imagine it to be.

Malaysia seems rather amazing too right? Look how clear the sea is. This photo does make me think of Madagascar 1 though, when they all first arrive on the island, just me? hahaa

Finally, Bora Bora. This picture is just... WOW! Definitely a place on my wish list to visit. I reckon it'd be the most perfect honeymoon destination. It looks so peaceful and the idea of staying in one of those huts in the sea makes me want to pack my bag and go right away!

So I hope I haven't made you too depressed when you read this whilst sitting in your bedroom. You're not the only one who wishes they were on holiday right now!

Would you like to go to any of these places?

Time for me to head back to the world of UCAS and Uni applications now, not as exciting as it first seems I can assure you!

xx Natalie