Sunday, 16 June 2013


Afternoon blogosphere!

Very very quick post as I need to get ready because we're going out for dinner for fathers day.
Buttttt Blogger is driving me crazy today! Recently I've been commenting on and receiving more comments than previously but I wanted to know if there was a quick way to view comments without having to troll through each post/ return to blogs I commented on to check for a response (currently what I'm doing!). It's so inconvenient and I wondered if any of you lovely people know if there's a facebook/twitter type notification thing? Me being slightly incompetent when it comes to IT and blogging in particular, I seriously need you brainboxes to help!

Let me know asap if you can help me or just comment to share your pain. If there is no way of doing it I won't be too happy - I won't blame you of course! I will put full blame on the creator of Google Blogger! And hope that they soon fix my issue!

Thanks guys and gals

xx Natalie