Sunday, 9 June 2013

Go Ape!

Had THE best day yesterday with my most favourite girls in the world! Cringin'ell but I do have the bestest friends I could ask for.

To celebrate my birthday in pure style I took my friends to Go Ape! High ropes and Zip wires 20 metres high in the trees. Definitely scary at times but we had such a laugh and was so fun to spend the day doing something active with my girls.
 All harnessed up and ready to hit the high ropes! We're all looking gorgeous with our hair up preparing to dangle from the trees...
 So only a little high! This isn't even the highest point and I could already feel butterfly's in my stomach!
 Awh cringey/cute group photo whilst up on the platforms. New advertisment photo for the Go Ape! website??!!
 Doing it Tarzan style - launching ourselves towards a wall of rope!
 We finally made it! Felt quite nice to have our feet on solid ground after all that.

So all in all a fab day out! I would definitely recommend doing Go Ape! if you haven't before - maybe not if you don't like heights though.

xx Natalie