Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Happy May!

Hi guys and gals, Happy 1st of May!

Today has been such a lovely day so thought I would share it with all of you! Hope you've had a great start to the best month of the year. Of course the countdown has now begun - only 30 days left until my birthday, until I turn 17 and until I can legally learn to drive!!!! Excitement doesn't quite cover it if I'm honest!

So today here in Essex we had perfect spring weather. It was lovely blue skies and sunny but there was also a cool breeze. Definitely got my daily dose of Vitamin D today and it's definitely had positive effects. Ok so school was pretty average but being able to sit outside in the sun at lunch does make it slightly more bearable, starting early on my summer tan - why not?! 

Acid wash skater dress - £15.99 -

I wore a really lovely dress from It's skater style so fashionable but also very comfortable - perfect for school! (my sixth form don't have uniform btw) It wasn't that warm so I did wear it with black tights unlike the photo. I also wore black ankle boots from Miss KG I bought in republic at the beginning of winter and a light blue denim jacket I got from New Look a few years back. Perfect spring outfit!

Cannot wait for this in the summer!

Talking of summer I can't quite believe how quickly it's coming around! Not long to go and I seriously need to get my summer bod sorted! As corny as it sounds it's true - everybody wants to look and feel good in a Bikini! So with this is mind I chose to have salad for lunch, so proud of myself! I also had a banana when I got in from school and even went for a jog! Ok so I went with my friend and we spent most the time gossiping and walking but it still counts as exercise right? haha!

So May isn't all good, especially if you're in year 11/12/13. The dreaded exams are looming around the corner. I've got under two weeks until mine start now, only a tad scary! My mocks exams haven't gone too horrifically so fingers crossed I'll do alright in the real ones.

But in between exams we do have half term and of course the 31st of May which is my birthday :) cannot wait to start driving lessons and get on the road in my baby! I haven't got her yet but she's so beautiful and I'm seriously so excited! I've been beyond lucky and got a mini one. Literally my dream car, I couldn't be happier! She's black with chequered roof and wing mirrors and white racing stripes. As soon as I've got her I'm sure I will do an overly excited post dedicated to my mini! But until then you and I will have to wait!

xx Natalie