Thursday, 9 May 2013

So what you gonna do...

...When the world don't orbit around you?
*taken from Google - I do not own*
Also just saying Hayley Williams is possibly the coolest women alive!
Some wise words from Paramore today inspiring me to do this post.
Paramore – Paramore Listen through (the amazing) Spotify to their new album here!

I've mentioned previously in my wish list post my love for Paramore and also how good their new album is. If you haven't checked it out yet then I highly suggest you do. Even if you've never listened to Paramore before and think you won't like their style of music, I'm pretty sure there'll be at least one song on there that you'll love! My current favourite is 'Ain't it fun' (which I realise now I named ain't no fun in my previous post - oops). The title of this post being taken from the lyrics to the bridge and this song.

Here is a link to this song on YouTube to get you started. Paramore haven't released this song as a single and so don't have a video for it - they hopefully will in the future. But this link is to a lyric video so if like me you like to sing then enjoy! If not, at least read the lyrics as this song has got a lot of messages which many of you can probably relate to. I certainly can! Also just an interesting fact - I'm not the only person loving this song because despite it not having been released it still managed to reach #24 on UK Rock.

Enjoy! I'm going back to the world of revision now...

xx Natalie