Saturday, 25 May 2013

Half term Happiness

I am so so happy that my Sixth Form have broken up for a week off!
Ok so technically I haven't been at school for the past two weeks anyway but that's besides the point! A week break off school means a week break from exams! I have taken six AS exams in the past fortnight - so ready to be able to relax, at least for a little while.

So my plans for the week are mainly to relax and revise every now and then, just so I don't forget absolutely everything! But there are gonna be some fun and games. Under a week now until my birthday!!!! Woooo

Some of you may not regard it as fun but I plan to head down to my gym every other day and workout! I'm slightly disgusted with myself as I don't even remember the last time I went! Haven't done any proper exercise in ages. That as well as revision snacking does not go well together!

Friday the 31st May - FINALLY I turn 17! And I cannot wait. I intend to have a rather relaxed morning and then I've got my first two hour driving lesson booked between 1-3pm. That will be exciting hitting the road for the first time! Later on that evening I am going to work! Not to actually do work though don't worry - I'm not that sad to work on my birthday haha. I work at a wedding venue as a waitress and the boss and chef are getting married on this day. All staff are invited so we're all going to get dressed up and go to the wedding party. Free bar - I hear birthday shots calling my name!

I plan to wear my favourite LBD from Topshop. It's skater style but over the collar bone area there's mesh insert with beading draping the shoulders. My explanation is absolutely rubbish but here is a similar dress without the beading but with long sleeves and mesh middle.
To brighten it up I'm going to use my coral clutch bag - similar here on Ebay and at the moment I'll wear my trusty suede black heels but if I can find myself some matching coral heels then result! Let me know if you've seen any nice coral heels recently please!

xx Natalie