Saturday, 4 May 2013

Wish list

It's 11.20 Saturday morning and I'm still in bed! Relaxing whilst I can because I know all my day will consist of is revision!

I'm also catching up on my beauty sleep after having a very unexpected late night last night. Me and my friend Amelia set out for a jog about half 7 last night. We decided to 'pop' round to our friend Molly's to say hi - 4 and a half hours later we were still there! We had such a laugh together acting half our age. We each wrote down predictions for each other of what we think will happen between us and boys between now and summer! We agreed not to read each others until the Monday morning after V Festival, which we are all going to and camping at! Woooo

But as I've mentioned before my birthday is on it's way and this morning I've really started thinking about possible thinks I may ask for! I'm not expecting much this year because I've been bought a car already and will most probably get driving lessons paid for as a present from my parents.

But this hasn't stopped me from creating a wish!

Top of my list is the new album by Paramore. I've loved them for years now and even went to see them live in 2010 when they played at the O2. I've been listening to this a bit on spotify already and although it's different to their previous sound I still absolutely love it! 'Still into you' and 'ain't not fun' currently my favourites.

I'm really into music at the moment so albums is mainly what my list consists of. Bastille - Bad Blood I'm seriously in love with. First heard 'Pompeii' on radio one a few months ago and I soon became addicted to it! I'd never heard of Bastille before then so I checked them out on good old spotify and they really are fab! I've even started to learn 'Pompeii' on my acoustic guitar.

Don Brocco - I don't really know anything about them apart from they're a band who have a great new album called Prioritise. They're single 'whole truth' is so catchy and has great lyrics. This song made me want their album so hopefully it'll be just as good.

Here are a few other albums I would like!

If you haven't yet seen Pitch Perfect I urge you too immediately! It stars Rebel Wilson who is my new queen of funny! She's so great and in this film has you laughing from start to finish. This film is quite girly too so if you're in the mood for a chick flick then this is what I suggest! I also think it's recently been added to sky on demand so check that out if you're unsure whether to buy it or not.

Only a few more things I promise!

I'm beyond useless with headphones, they always seem to slowly but surely break and stop working. I use them quite a lot I guess but still it's highly annoying! So I think it's time to invest in a new pair. But I've decided to go for ones like these to the right - Sports headphones which clip round your ear. I go to the gym quite regularly and have also started going for jogs as well so these will be perfect to use for that - save me having to poke my earphones back into my ear every ten seconds!

I discovered 'GlossyBox' a little while a go now when I first started reading peoples blogs and tumblr posts. The majority of people were raving about it saying that it was really great value for money and it being really fun waiting for each months box to arrive to find out which samples you would have to try out. So for those of you who don't know, it's a beauty box subscription. Each month you receive a box full of samples of new beauty products; make-up, perfume, hair products. It sounds really good and if I don't get a subscription as a birthday present I may just treat myself to it anyway!

These brushes have burst onto the beauty market and headed straight to the top of everyone's lists. I haven't had the chance to try them out but I know so many people who have and I haven't heard a single bad comment against them. This core collection kit seems really good value for money. On Amazon you can get it for just under £ 20 for the four brushes and this case/stand. I do already have a foundation brush from QVC which I think is great but a girl can never have too many beauty products so hopefully these will be worth getting!

Finally, some clothes! There are plenty of items that i would love but i wanted to be realistic and also not go on for ever with this blogpost, it's pretty long as it is!

I headed to the queen of all fashion shops - the beloved Topshop. This skirt caught my eye straight away and here on this model it looks lovely! The colour is right up my street - I love a bit of pink and this is so summery and ideal for me to wear to school on the warmer days and also in the height of summer to BBQ's and gatherings and I'm sure it'll make its way into my suitcase to Florida as well.

This Bikini is also Topshop and its tie dye print makes in very in fashion and striking. On the beach on a sunny day I think this would look lovely and if I remember correctly it was only £30 too! Very good value for money I thought! This probably won't make its way onto my birthday list but I'm definitely saving it for later on my Topshop online account and will hopefully buy it in time for summer.

I hope I haven't bored you too much and if you are looking for a new film of some new music to listen too, check out Pitch Perfect and Paramore!

xx Natalie