Sunday, 19 May 2013


Evening bloggers!

Just a very quick post from me before my head hits the pillow! I've felt exhausted all day and spent the majority of it in bed doing revision for my AS unit 1 Biology exam which is on Tuesday eeek!

To help get me through hours of painful revision I called upon my babe Miss T. Swift. I love me some Taylor and her latest album RED is A-MA-ZING. I downloaded the deluxe edition the day it hit the iTunes store and is without a doubt my go-to album.
My particular favourite for today which I must've played a hundred times over was 'girl at home' - apologies to everyone in my household!
This is a great, catchy song and I especially love the lyrics as they really do mean something to me. Lets just say I know how Swifty was feeling when she wrote this...

So this was mine - do you ever have a 'Song Of The Day'?

xx Natalie